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First, sorry that you're having problems! I've tried my best to account for the wide range of possible setups that people have with their Plex servers.

Why can't I log in?

Make sure you're using your username and password. If you are receiving an error message on whilst trying to login then you'll need to speak to Plex support.

Is it safe to login with my Plex account?

Chronolists never sees your username or password. Plex handles the authentication (you should see the domain when logging in), and then provides Chronolists with a token that allows it to search your library and create the playlists.

The token is only ever stored in your browser's local storage, and when you logout it is deleted entirely. If you want to entirely revoke access, you can also do so from your Plex account. See the Plex help page on managing devices for more information.

Why isn't my server appearing?

There are a few reasons for this one, you'll need to check all of the following:

  • Make sure you have Remote Access enabled, and it's showing as working correctly.
  • Make sure you have "Secure connections" set to either "preferred" or "required".
If you login, you will see some debugging information about the server connections here.

Why do you need remote access and a secure connection?

In short: because browsers enforce strict security on connections.

Browsers are very picky about the kinds of connections they are willing to make, and in order to ensure a standard baseline of functionality, it means I need to rely on the secured endpoints provided by the Plex relays.

I have an entire season, why is Chronolists showing a missing episode?

Sometimes, people will store 2–parter episodes in a single file, normally an end of season finale. Chronolists can't currently detect this, but if you check the files on your Plex server it's likely that the file before the missing file is twice the size of a usual episode.

If none of this helped, and you're still having problems, please get in touch. Thanks!